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Okie dokie. I did my three drabbles. Plenty more to come soon. I’m gonna update Double Crossed tomorrow cause I gotta go to bed to get to work at 7 tomorrow. *creys*

Kalijah Drabble - “Elijah’s Reaction to Katherine’s Death”

This was my own personal drabble. I started this the night that Katherine Pierce died for good on TVD. It’s how I imagine the REAL Elijah would react to the news of Katherine’s passing. My heart still aches over the loss, and writing this definitely had me tearing up. Enjoy.


The news came abruptly and without warning. Klaus had reported it and Rebekah had confirmed it when Elijah refused to hear it at first. He couldn’t quite fire out what the initial blow felt like. Similar to a citywide blackout, or glass shattering into millions of tiny shards. But even that didn’t begin to describe the feeling. It was an otherworldly feeling, intense and all at once. But it didn’t begin to hurt until he’d given it time to sink in.

At his request, Klaus had emptied out the compound so he could be alone to grieve. He had even kept Hayley at bay, which wasn’t even a detail he had considered. Perhaps there was hope for his brother yet. He walked across the living area with a drink in hand and sat down in one of the arm chairs, huffing a deep sigh as he ran his free hand through his hair.

Accept it, Elijah. Accept and move on.

But he couldn’t. And he had been so good about turning a cold shoulder to those who’d betrayed him. But he could never seem to hold a grudge against her for long. Not when he was trying to distract himself with what he realized was just a vague reminiscence. Every time she batted her lashes, pursed her lips and did that damnable shoulder swivel in a way that reminded him of her - his Katerina.

He was no stranger to concurrent theme of love and loss. How many times had he suffered through the death of his family and those he assumed to love? But a loss this devastating was enough to turn his world upside-down and inside-out. Oh, and the heart ache. It felt like someone had sliced it down the middle with a blunt knife ripping the tissue to shreds then continually poking and creating contusions until eventually he had to catch his breath because he’d forgotten to breathe.

What a fool he was. To think he could walk away from her with no backlash. She had entrusted him with the cure and he handed it right to the enemy. If he had been but a little cautious and less lenient with it, she’d be alive. She had literally begged him to run away with her, to give up his mission to redeem his brother and he just walked away. It was his fault. She was dead and it was all his fault.

I’m so sorry, Katerina… Sorry I left. Sorry I wasn’t careful. Sorry I wasn’t there.

It was supposed to be their time, but there he was, wasting the precious few moments he could have had with her babysitting Hayley and his future niece. Why had he let her become more important? Had his feelings for her really blinded him that badly? What had he come to? And why, for the life of him, couldn’t he get this damn tie off his neck? He fussed with it a moment more before giving up huffing out a breath of defeat and slumping back in his seat.

The bourbon burned his throat but numbed its way down his chest. His heart was an empty space of nothingness now. He’d fought so hard to keep that tiny bit of humanity that he’d been clinging to all these centuries. And now it was pointless. He wouldn’t flip the switch. No, not that. Not ever. He couldn’t afford to go rogue when so much was still at jeopardy, while his brother was still on a very tightly wound leash that kept him mere inches from flying off the rails. But the one thing that had been tethering him down to his own humanity was now gone. He poured himself another, his fist clenching and cracking the glass. At first he thought it was blood wetting his palm but it was the bourbon seeping through the cracks. His upper lip curled in a sneer and he threw the glass across the room with a thousand years’ strength, breaking everything in its wake.

She was gone.


How could he have let this happen? How could she truly be gone? If she had just called him… If he had gone in Rebekah’s place… Or perhaps if he had just stayed when she’d asked him to…

He buried his head in his hands, feeling like he was sinking into the black abyss behind his lids. Katerina, what have I done?

Klaus had told him she was dying. Why hadn’t he gone to see her? Surely Hayley could have withstood a day alone. He could have argued Rebekah for her cooperation in babysitting the pregnant wolf, but his affections for the girl had made him careless. Had it been worth it to see that Hayley and Niklaus’ daughter was safe for a day? Was it worth the cost of the love of his life?

Images danced across his head. Images of Katerina - his Katerina. Smiling, laughing, running through the garden and looking back at him to make sure he was running after her while her curls bounced around her face and she laughed past them, and he smiled back, enjoying for the moment, what it was to love another. She had been so pure, so hopeful and alive. She was everything he wanted and everything he was not. Which made her, in a single word, perfection.

True love is not real unless it is returned. Do you agree?

I do not believe in love, Katerina.

That is too sad for me to accept, my lord. Life is too cruel. If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?

And now she was gone. Without his love, she no longer lived. The demented irony of fate. All she had wanted was his love, a life free of Klaus where they could live out their own adventure. But he’d turned her away for what he’d assumed was the noble choice. “Family above all” - it was always meant to be that way, and yet somehow that pact never really held any weight. And he’d even expected his efforts to prove futile, but he had to try. He was a man of hope, but he always put faith in the wrong things, wrong people. If only he’d put faith in her.

His mind flashed to the first time she kissed him. Niklaus had been out feeding that evening, and he stumbled upon Katerina in his study. She’d wanted to know what was so special about a closed off room full of parchments. With further examination, however, she learned why it was his sanctuary. This was the warmest room of them all, she’d claimed. And while he’d tried to explain that the temperature of the castle was consistent throughout, she smiled winsomely and shook her head, arguing that she wasn’t speaking literally.

This room is just like you, my lord. The paintings on the walls aren’t barbaric or gloomy like the others. They show life, and love, or at least a longing for each.

They are all Niklaus’ work, nonetheless, he’d tried to remind her which brother she rightfully belonged to despite the twitch in his heart her words were bringing. I had little preference as to which would go in here…

And the colors in here are far less sullen, she continued anyway, a small smile tugging at only the corners of her lips that read more as amusement than anything. It’s peaceful and quiet enough to be alone with your thoughts. It’s simple, clean, and straightforward. Like you, my lord. Her face changed then, the smile running away from her eyes as a sadness overtook her. And yet…somehow, there’s something deeper here, something almost…sad. Maybe a loneliness?

He’d shook his head, remaining neutral even as her words touched his heart in places he thought he’d locked long ago. And then she did something bolder than any woman had dared. She touched his cheek, swiping her thumb just under his eye as if wiping away a phantom tear. It broke his defense and perplexed him, and just before he could ask her lips brushed over his, slow and tentative. He found himself reciprocating with a tender kiss of his own, sliding his hand against her cheek in mimic. She’d backed off an inch to meet his eyes and whispered, We don’t have to be alone, my lord. If we so choose…

And now he was. What he would give to feel her lips against his again, to hear her voice.

When he saw her in that tomb in Mystic Falls, his heart had already been mangled from centuries of chasing and centuries of harboring guilt for what she’d become. This Katherine Pierce was but a shadow of the Katerina he’d loved. A life of running and being forced to live day to day afraid for her life had turned her cold. He maintained a sliver of hope that she might still be in there, but getting her to drop her shields would be time consuming, and Klaus would ask questions if he disappeared without so much as a word. But it was his fault she’d become this distant memory of what she once was. He’d been the one that took her to Klaus. He let her go on the run instead of standing up to his brother. So much of his life was spend cowering away from the noble thing, and yet that was the exact title everyone had bestowed upon him. Was it so noble to throw her to the wolves at first sight, so to speak? Was it so noble to lock her in a tomb? To give her to Klaus again? To walk away when she begged him to trust her?

I’ve spent so much time running and lying to survive, that I don’t - I’m starting to believe my own lies. I don’t even remember who I was when we first met and…I wanna find out. — She took out the cure, putting it in his hands. — I could shove this down Klaus’ throat and try to kill him, but even if I managed to do it, I’d lose you. I don’t want that to happen.

How do I know this isn’t another lie? Katherine Pierce deceiving another man?

Because I meant what I said about my feelings for you. And I’d like to think that you feel something for me too. I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I’m trusting you. You don’t owe me anything. I’m gonna let you decide where we go from here.

When she handed him the cure, he so wanted to believe her. But her betrayals were consistent, her manipulation embedded into his memory. Katherine Pierce would come first, and Katerina would be second, ranking him third priority. But if only he’d tried. If he had made just one attempt to save her from herself she might still be here.

For centuries, she was the thorn in his side; the pebble under his heel, stuck in his shoe; the nagging headache that never went away. She caused him more harm than good. And yet, some deep-rooted drive inside him derived pleasure from this plethora of sadism she offered. Something always kept him going back, begging for more. She was enchanting. That hard Katherine exterior so delightfully sour only to be protecting the sweetest of Katerina cores. And he would always crave her. She would always be the mystery he never solved.

And in that moment, he mourned the loss. Of Katherine Pierce. Of Katerina Petrova. Of the part of him that strained to hold onto his humanity. He mourned for himself and he mourned for her. He mourned what could have been, what should have been, and what wasn’t. And what never would be.

ssklaroline said: Drabble prompt: Klaus thinks he sees Caroline, but it's not her. After it though, he feels the need to leave her a voicemail message.

I wrote this at work. Shh! ;P


It couldn’t be…could it? Not now. Not when he needed salvation most. After a year of withering under the stress of reclaiming his rightful ownership to the city of New Orleans; after painfully giving up the heir to his kingdom to his sister whom he’d ultimately burnt bridges with; after having to murder his own progeny; after finally being disowned and traded by Elijah for his obsession with Hayley; could this really be the light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel he was stuck in? In shades of white, yellow and gold he saw hope, he saw meaning, he saw redemption for himself. Her blonde curls bounced as she walked away from him, taunting him to chase her.

"Caroline!" he beckoned, hurrying through the crowd just to lay a hand upon her shoulder and turn her around once and for all so he might look into her eyes and find the part of him he’d closed off the moment he left Mystic Falls - the part that was deeply in love with this young vibrant being and clinging desperately to humanity. But his heart fell when she turned and the eyes were not the blue pools he’d grown accustomed to, rather a pale green that held no depth and even worse, no promise for a brighter future. He mumbled an apology and sped off to stew in his humiliation alone, walking down an alleyway burning with hatred for himself and for his insatiable desires - the ones that Elijah said always stunted his growth. His need to be impenetrable, all powerful and ruler of his species always trumped the innermost human needs that he constantly tried to cover. Preferring to be feared rather than loved by all was keeping him alive, but a machiavellian complex would get him nowhere now.

He leaned against the old bricks of a centuries old building, wondering why his heart nearly leapt from his chest just at the mere illusion of her. What kind of feeling was this to be longing for her in her absence? It wasn’t something he was ever familiar with, or at the very least would ever admit to. Because to miss her was to fall into that wasteful despair that he could never have anything good, or beautiful. Especially something or someone as stunning as she.
His offer stood that if she wanted to join him, wanted him to show her the world, she knew where to find him. It was just wishful thinking that she would take him up on it. And now Fate was playing its cruel tricks, sinking him deeper into that never ending abyss.
He dug his phone from his pocket and highlighted her name in his address book, his gaze lingering so long over the letters that they became blurred. But those who hesitate are lost, so he selected “call” and let it ring. Once. Twice. Three times. And finally the dial tone stopped. So did his heart.

Her voice nearly startled him out of his own skin, but it was just a recording. Still, he let out a relieved sigh and listened to the prompt:
"You’ve reached Caroline Forbes. I can’t come to the phone because I’m either busy or ignoring you. You can probably figure it out."

He swallowed against his suddenly drying throat, waiting for the instructions to end before the little beep made his heart do somersaults.

"I’d like to assume you’re preoccupied with school or some kind of extracirricular, but I’m fairly certain my call falls under the latter." He paused, nostalgia creeping up on him and making him feel even lower. "I apologize if this is out of the blue, but I needed to hear your voice. I needed something to pull me out of this downward spiral I’m stuck in." He sighed heavily into the mouthpiece. "I’ve gained a kingdom and in the process lost everything that mattered. My family has turned their backs, I have no allies, and for the very first time, Caroline, I feel utterly alone." He stared ahead as he took another pause, his heart aching unexpectedly. "It’s a strange thing to get what you wanted and still feel so…empty." He looked up at the sky, blue and purple hues meshing with orange and pink as the day was coming to an end. "I don’t mean to burden you with my pitiful woes. But if anyone could pull me back to the surface, it’s you, Caroline. I hope you’ll at least consider it, being that we are friends. I’ll be waiting for your call.” He felt a small weight lift from his chest, a ghost of a smile over his lips. “However long it takes.”

Drabble Request - superbat345


It wasn’t customary for Elijah Mikaelson to let his guard down, but on this particular night there was no reason he couldn’t at least enjoy a little peace, quiet, and a good book. A pregnant Hayley was tucked away in bed. Klaus was with Marcel down at the bar. It was rare he found himself in utter silence, but he liked to savor it when he could. And savor he did, until a fleeting shadow out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He waited a moment to listen for movement but there was nothing. After another beat, he closed his book and stood, walking to the hall to allay his suspicions. A sound came from the foyer, startling him. He sped down the hall and came to a dead halt when he found the culprit. But it couldn’t be…could it? And yet, there she was, in all her glory. Katherine Pierce, back from the dead. And she was smirking right at him.

"Miss me?"

She smiled, tilting her head and letting her curls fall over her face a little, emitting her usual flirtatious demeanor. His breath shuddered out unsteadily.

"This…is impossible."

"What, no sigh of relief or heartfelt apologies for skipping town and leaving me to die?"

He swallowed, his eyes never leaving her. “How are you here?”

"You know how Bonnie had to drop the veil so Silas could destroy the Other Side? Let’s just say it wasn’t shut all the way. By the way, Kol’s not too happy with you. Something about it hurting when someone you thought cared doesn’t even bat an eye when you die." She shot him an unfriendly look. "I can relate."

Her cold tone matched her eyes, giving him chills down his spine. He stood a little taller, regaining his composure to face the ghost of his past.

"Why are you here? Surely you have better things to do than haunt me."

She smiled, sliding her hands up over his shoulders, leaning toward him. “I missed you.”

But he grabbed her hands, stepping back from her. “Don’t.”

She let her arms drop, expression turning taut. “Right. You’ve latched on to a new pity project.” She sighed dramatically, disappointed in him. “I forgot.”

"Don’t speak of Hayley that way."

She raised a brow, impressed. “Don’t tell me you really bought into the whole troubled orphan werewolf who never knew her parents story. I thought you were better than that.”

He closed his eyes briefly, patience wearing thin. “Why are you here, Katerina?”

"Somebody had to save you from yourself."

He smiled wryly, mildly amused. “Meaning Hayley, of course.”

"You do realize she’s a kid, don’t you? Not to mention she slept with Klaus. And, she’s the mother of your niece. Do I even have to point out how incestuous that is?"

"I didn’t realize ghosts could harbor jealousy."

Her gaze pierced his, her anger flaring to life. ‘You always did have a soft spot for teen moms, didn’t you?”

His expression turned stony, his own temper rising. “Enough. I won’t tolerate your mind tricks. You need to leave.”

"About that…" She pursed her lips, fighting a smirk. "When Bonnie tried to close the veil, she kind of…die." She made a small hiss through her teeth, her concern completely fabricated. "So now the veil is caught in that half-open half-closed position. And until some witch stupid enough to try to close it again comes along, I’m not going anywhere." She walked around him, her hand sliding along his shoulders fluidly. "So I guess you’re stuck with me now, Elijah."

His eyes widened in fear, swallowing hard. A million thoughts raced through his head as she pressed soft kisses all long his neck until she reached his ear and whispered sweetly, “We’re going to have so much fun…”

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"Katherine Pierce + Shoes" requested by Anon

Klaroline + Firsts

claire-holt-kicks-ass said: Hi, you wrote me a drabble about the originals about a year or so ago, and I really liked it. Right me another? Human or not, doesn't matter to me, but no Hayley, Marcel or anyone from TO. Please try to include as many originals as possible (Esther, Mikael, Finn, Kol, Rebekah, Henrik, Klaus, Elijah) Thanks!

Hi hun. I’d love to write an Originals centric drabble for you. Do you have any specific scenario in mind for them?

Candice Accola at Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party // August 23 

Candice Accola at Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party // August 23